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2024 |  New Construction + Renovation  | 50,000 sq. ft.
Central Business District

Poydras Hospitality Development

1009 Poydras is the latest renovation and new construction to a family of properties on Poydras Street in downtown New Orleans. Studio West’s design for this project began with a challenge: how do you take three successful hospitality concepts and expand them without losing the spirit that made them successful concepts in the first place? The renovation and additions double the square footage of the existing buildings and add two new concepts to the property. Together, the project occupies almost half a city block. In addition to expanding Vintage Rock Club and Copper Vine, the new three-story construction adds an 11-room inn behind Copper Vine, third-floor Rooftop Restaurant addition over the existing buildings, and offices for the hospitality group in another addition.  

Five concepts, one building